About Elementary I & II Curriculum Science

Early Tasks

  • Differentiation between living and non-living things.
  • Differentiation between animals and plants; basic characteristics

First puzzles representing the biological parts of flowers, root systems, and trees, along with the anatomical features of common animals. These are first used by very young children as puzzles, then as a means to learn the vocabulary, then are related to photos and/or the “real thing,” then traced onto paper, and finally with labels as a reading experience.

Nomenclature Cards:

  • Botany: identifying, naming, and labeling the parts of plants, trees, leaves, roots, and flowers.
  • Zoology: identifying, naming, and labeling the external parts of human beings, insects, fish, birds, and other animals.

Elementary tasks:

  • Introduction of the families of the animal kingdom, and identification and classification of animals into the broad families. Introduction to the basic characteristics, life-styles, habitats, and means of caring for young of each family in the animal kingdom.
  • Introduction to ecology: habitat, food chain, adaptation to environment and climate, and body adaptations of common animals.
  • Advanced biology study: the names and functions of different forms of leaves, flowers, seeds, trees, plants, and animals. This usually begins with considerably more field work collecting specimens or observing.
  • Study of evolution and the development of life on the Earth over the eons.
  • Study of vertebrates: Limbs, body coverings, lungs, heart, skeleton, reproduction.
  • Advanced study of plants in class and garden
  • More advanced study of the animal kingdom: classification by class and phyla.
  • The plant kingdom: Study of the major families of plant life on the Earth and classification by class and phyla.
  • Introduction to chemistry: the three states of matter, changes in states of matter, experiments

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